Narcissists love to gossip, the reasons for this are as follows:

  • It reinforces their notion of their own superiority
  • It provides a semblance of intimacy, they “share” other people’s secrets, not their own, so it creates a mask of trust, without exposing themselves in any way.
  • It creates drama and often division of friends and family, which in turn gives them more excitement.
  • Attacking/ruining the reputation of others diminishes that person in their eyes “buoys” up their own ego.
  • Any consequences of the gossip that they spread makes them feel “powerful”/important
  • They will pepper their gossip about other people with half-truths that will render their lies plausible
  • They will hint at things without actually saying something outright, hoping that you will take the bait. They will feel that they have a safety net in place and will be in a position to deny everything if it backfires

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