Narcissists are attracted to empaths


Narcissists are attracted to Empaths

Narcissists are holding on to some emotional childhood trauma that they have not healed, as a result of this they feel unloved, unlovable, unworthy and are constantly seeking attention and validation.  The empath has the ability to truly feel and see the narcissist’s pain and very often will try to heal or eradicate it for the narcissist.  In the beginning the narcissist will be grateful for the attention and act like the feeling is mutual to keep the flow of attention and care coming.  However, if the empath is not aware of narcissistic personalities they will not realise that narcissists are takers and there is no limit to their capacity to take they are a bottomless pit.

They will draw on the energy and life blood of the empath (as well as their finances, self-esteem and any other resource the deem to serve them).  This is very confusing for the empath because they will project their own good intentions on to the narcissist where there are none and they will be confused by the fact that the narcissist’s actions are not in sync with their words. Initially they will not realise that the narcissist is completely insincere and that the more they love, care and give to the narcissist the more powerful and controlling the narcissist will become while they are simultaneously diminishing their own strength.  Narcissists will violate boundaries and the more the empath permits this lack of respect (by making excuses for them) the more the narcissist will be disrespectful.

When the empath starts to lose power and control, the narcissist will blame them for their behaviour and the empath will look inside to find out what is “wrong with them”.  This is exactly what the narcissist wants to happen and will constantly reinforce the “there is something wrong with you message”.

This “game” is absolutely exhausting for the empath and the fatigue and stress that the empath feels will almost certainly manifest itself in physical symptoms such as insomnia, over or under eating, confusion and lack of memory etc. Which only adds to the confusion and sense of going crazy.  They will also wonder what they did to turn this once “loving”, affectionate and attentive person into this cold, emotionless and critical being.

Once the narcissist has started on the abuse trajectory they will not change.  They might go back to the person you first met from time to time, but this is a manipulations tactic to keep you where they want to and to make you try harder.

If you think that you are in a relationship with someone who is a narcissist the only thing that you can do is move away from them.  If you cannot physically for some reason, you have to protect yourself from them emotionally.  Find out as much as you can about the condition and put your shields in place and don’t ever let your guard down to them again.  The narcissist will see the empath as being weak for being so loving and giving, they will never show any gratitude and will blame the empath for their own bad behaviour