Most commonly found acronyms found in literature about narcissism

ASPD – Antisocial personality disorder

BPD – Borderline personality disorder

CBT – Cognitive behavioural therapy

C-PTSD – Complex post-traumatic stress disorder

FM – Flying monkey

FOC – Family of choice

FOO – Family of origin

GC – Golden child

HPD – Histrionic personality disorder

LC – Low contact

MN – Malignant narcissist

NC – No contact

NF – Narcissistic father

NM – Narcissistic mother

NFIL – Narcissistic father in law

NMIL – Narcissistic mother in law

NPD – Narcissistic personality disorder

PTSD – Post-traumatic stress disorder

SG – Scapegoat

TF – Toxic father

TM – Toxic mother

TP – Toxic parent

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