Main fears of a narcissist

  • Fear of abandonment, being over looked or neglected.
  • Fear of loss of control/being out of their comfort zone
  • Fear of loss of resources, financial, material goods, social status or whatever currency they value.
  • Fear if appearing or feeling inadequate, out of their depth, “less than” or “just good enough”, they always want to feel superior.
  • Fear that someone(s) will see them for what they are really like.
  • Fear of intimacy

To protect their false persona, they will use means at their disposal to build up a defence against their fears.  They will lie, use smear campaigns, get others to do their dirty work for them.  All the while they will act as the victim of the person(s) they consider a threat.  If you feel compassion for them they will use it against you.  The reality is the nastier and more aloof you are from them the nicer they will be to you.

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